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The concept of LED panel light.

     LED panel light is new panel luminaire in recent years, which can replace the candescent light, energy-saving lamp so such traditional light sources. Panel light has many advantages, such as more efficient, Eco, long lifespan and so on. It is widely used and easy to be installed.



LED panel light application?

Hotel, meeting room, factory and office, commercial usage, household or public facility, school, hospital those places which need high CRI and energy-saving.


What is LED panel made of?

Including LED bar, frame, front diffuser, LGP, reflector and back cover. LED bar was installed in the frame, front diffuser, LGP, reflector and back cover are installed in order. That is the led panel finished product.


The idea of led  panel design?


Scene lighting: the lighting was designed according to the scene. Basing on the environment, scene lighting aims at creating a beautiful, tender light environment, bring people a warm and sweet atmosphere.


Mood lighting: the lamp was designed according to people`s mood. It creates a mood in the basic of people and his emotion. Which make people feel warm and happy.